Waste to Energy Process Engineering

Waste to Energy Process Overview

Resource Recycling System (Hydrothermal Treatment)

Resource Recycling System (Hydrothermal Treatment)

EPF (Engineered Pulverized Fuel)

Protect Our Environment with Green Energy

What We Do

Protect Our Environment

In use in most of the world, basic combustion-based processes for municipal solid waste emit harmful pollutants into the air, land and water. Aurutris’s Green Waste to Fuel™ systems produce near Zero Emissions and virtually no landfill contribution.

Aurutris is Unique

Our sustainable Green Waste to Fuel™ process is environmentally safe for any city in the world. We produce minimal byproducts for beneficial use, and near Zero Emissions throughout the entire Green Waste to Fuel™ process.

Hydrothermal Treatment

The W2P© System is a hydro-thermal process. The carbonic allotments will be utilized to pulverized fuel at low temperature. Other residues are separated.

Process Overview

Aurutris is the first company to prototype and build a commercial-scale Green Waste to Fuel™ facility. This is integrated together using a patented and patent pending processes that together may be called Hydrothermal Decomposition. Aurutris Green Waste to Fuel™ technology utilizes a number of previously proven technologies that have been used in Asia and Europe for MSW and sludge processing and has brought these together to form the Green Waste to Fuel™ process architecture.
Aurutris is a leader in delivering the world’s first sustainable Waste-to-Energy™ systems for industry and community. We convert municipal solid waste into a clean burning fuel that produces near Zero Emissions.